Long Beach, WA

Me with the lovely husband

I’m a graphic designer living in an itsy-bitsy apartment in Seattle with my husband, Mike, and my pit bull, Lilith. I muse on what I enjoy and write it down for the world to see. Weird, right?


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Roz Shafer says:

    You inspire me, Lauren, to lose weight and start a blog. (not about losing weight). I want to start one about Art Night. Have any suggestions

  2. emb says:

    Just what the hell IS a BLOG???? I Mean is the word BLOG an acronym?. I really want to know, so I wont be sooooo ignorant!! Love E.B.

  3. emb says:

    An additional comment to my previous comment… I(meaning me) am very proud of you! Idont know about the the total honesty thing whilst writing your missive,but while as apposed to “whilst”, you continue on your journey, may I humbly propose a nice juicy steak once in a while?. The chicken & turkey thing gets old… FAST! Just broil a nice cut of beef Fat trimmed off of course, and a good hearty salad once in a while. Great source of protein, and it will not be fattening! P.S. MIke will love you for it, AND besides as they say in the great state of Maine, That’s good chewin!!!

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